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Good morning all,

I am still here, but I took a week off between jobs( Sue I start neext monday, but I could feel your well wishes and thoughts )
So my schedule is off.

I am once again on the injured list, I am the worst athelite, LOL. I hyperexetnded my neck swimming and pinched a nerve. Who thought you should stretch before swimming. So I am on a muscle relaxer. ANd am slowly getting better. Miss teh swimming though . Am sticking to walking, at this time. I am up to 45 mins and 3.5 MPH.

I do want to share a story, my good friends at prison, gave me a mall gift certificate so I could buy new clothes. I shopped yesterday and bought size 20 elastic waist jeans, and size 22 flat front chinos!!!!!!! and size 2X vest. I got the 1X on but it was too clingy. I wish you could have seen teh look on my face when those size 20 pants fit!! It was almost a year ago when I was having a hard time shopping in teh staores because teh 26- 28 clothes were snug. ANd I thought what am I gonna do? I am going to have my family take a picture this Thurs and I will be wearing my new clothes!!

Pam My girl I am so glad you have improved to teh point of getting out side. It can be so depressing being bedbound, especially this time of year. Take it slow though a day a atime.

Dana, I know you must be in 7th heaven with your kid home, the other should be home soon. I do believe there is a sugar free cherry pie filling and a lo carb pie crust recipe out there some where.

Sue, Oh my gosh I heard there was a flu going around, sounds like you got a good case of it. I hope you are feeling better, especially w/ teh holidays coming up.

Lee, How goes it w/ you? How is the weather down there? How is your new business going. That is a hot commodity up here.

B00 Where are you?

Mary? I use teh glycemic index as my guide to lo carb woe. The weight comes off slower but knowing me I don't like to be cheated . I stay w/ foods atht are lower than 50 value. This was easier for me and my husband to adjust too. I have soem web sites if your interested.

Terri- Are you going to be busy this week w/ teh holidays? How is your ex and kids doing? the holidays are always rough when you've had a loss.

Well I hope I haven't missed any one

Have a great day
I am worth the time it takes to be healthy!

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