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Thanks for the advice, I do agree that it is something else, but not sure if if can be blamed on the peri? I never heard of someone being sick to stomach about that. I had mentioned to my dr awhile back about the sugar thing, but he waved it away. I didn't have the symptoms then as bad as I do now.
For the record, the only meds I take are the levothyroxine at 4 am and don't eat anything til at least 7 as I go back to bed. I try to eat in the morning, mostly protein or a good carb, but if the appetite isn't there, adn I feel a stomach afterwards, who feels like eating right? I will journal all for the next few days and see what gives. I am hoping it is a drawn out stomach flu or bug, but when I was at emergency, they checked everything, liver, etc, all came back clean..........the only thing thatwasn't done of course was the sugar test where they make you fast and then drink that yummy sweet drink...ugh!! Of course a viral upset won't be in the bloodwork!!! CAn someone direct me to a good site about peri?
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