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Default Hypo and Peri?

I have been feeling miserable these last 2 weeks with symptoms of fuzzyhead, lightheaded, nausea, mood swings, hot flush in face sometimes, chills other times? and feeling anxious, tired. Havent even been working out at gym so scared I will pass out. Now I went to dr for complete blood work and have yet to get them back, but yesterday had to go into emergency as I was that scared of passing out!!! They took all types of tests and all came back fine except my TSH level for thyroid being "normal" in their eyes. When I took those results to my dr yesterday, he decided to make the move to up my meds. So thats fine, but he also drops the bombshell on me that this could all be signs of perimenipausal as well? I can't assosiate being sick to stomach to this can I? If there is someone out there who can lighten my knowledge about all this that would be great. I just wanna feel better and get back to the gym. I thought the pills should start working the next day?
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