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Default am I under or over medicated?

I have been feeling terrible these last few days, including lightheaded, not really feeling like my focus is good, nauseous, moody, chills, heart pounding and running to the bathroom. I am not extremely tired, but yet don't feel like doing much. I am too scared to exercise as the last time I did, I had such a bad dizziness that it took a few hours before I was ok. If I was treating myself I would almost say that I was having panic attacks but haven't had those in years since I became hypo. I went to dr yesterday and will do complete bloodwork on Monday, (give me strength to make it til then plus another week for the results!!) but he was thinking I may be overmedicated? I have a lower dose sitting in my cupboard and am seriously thinking of taking those to see if it makes a difference before monday?
Comments or suggestions are welcome and needed.
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