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[QUOTE=junebug41]If I was in your situation, I would've been so freaked out I would've let that omelette burn! And what's with the watching thing? I haven't needed supervision in the kitchen since I was 8.

i don't think omlets are common where his parents are from so maybe she was fascinated by it?! i have no clue, but i was NERVE WRECKING!

i guess you could take the pots and pans the wrong way, but honestly, i would just be the first one to laugh about my cooking skills. if you want to give a good impression, i would just write a nice thank you note for them when they get home. win them with your manners and maybe eventually with your cooking!

yesterday i had a super amazing workout, good eating until i got home from the gym at 8:00. i had a plan to have a smoothies and a loaded salad for dinner, but the lettuce had gone bad, so i made low cal. soup instead. well, i got this crazy sick feeling so i ended up eating mashed potatoes after i got sick. granted i lost some calories from the smoothies and soup from getting sick (sorry for being graphic), but still, the mashed potatoes at 9:30 at night probably weren't the best although they did settle my stomach.

do you think the fruit in the smoothie upset my stomach? it was a smoothie with protein powder added.
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