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Hey again Chickies

No, my boyfriend can't skate. He sort of wants to learn, and I do want to teach him, but he doesn't want me to spend time on him when I have so little opportunity to skate and pracitce my jumps, spins and other tricks...

Guess what... that skating trip has cost us! My boyfriend's cold got worse, and I'm so kicking myself for not making sure he had more warm clothes... just didn't expect that rink to get so cold... which is silly of me really. I've been there a few times only and it WAS very warm, but that was in the summer... So he's still sick, and I've acquired a huge purple swollen bruise on my seat... that from slipping on the stairs at the rink, hitting my bum very hard and sliding down two or three steps. It hurt a lot, lots of impact... fat is so useles... you'd think that the deeper the fat layer is, the less you'd get bruised... even the extra layer didn't protect me from getting a nasty bruise! It looks horrible and still hurts a bit, I can't sit too much. But the worst thing is that I seem to be treating this as an excuse not to exercise, though I'm quite sure it wouldn't prevent me from walking or running...

Oh, and I have a question? Has anyone tried Nia dance?
My yoga school is offering it, and I even went to check it out, but I read the time wrong and got there an hour too late. The class had not been held anyay because noone showed up... so maybe it's better that I was late! But now I don't know whether I'll have the courage to go next time... I'm really uncoordinated and actually dislike dance...

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