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hey ladies. still continuing with great workouts and great eating. i've actually lost about 5 lbs in the last two weeks, but since i never changed my ticker when i gained weight, i can't change my ticker. long story short, i went up to 199 (when i moved and just being lazy), now i'm at 194. i figure i'll get to 192 VERY soon so why bother changing it? also, i think it's amaizng that when i hit 199 i suddenly started getting back in control. hahaha. i updated my June goals and i'm on track except i missed on day of running. i only ran 2/3 days a week. oh well. overall, i'm on trac.

Daisy - my arms feel the way that your legs do. i find that taking baths help.
abakerchick - i am the same way. being in the car for a long period of time makes me feel really tired. i don't know how that works out.

sushi - skating looks like so much fun. i can ice skate, but i never learned to rollerblade. i really want to learn since it's such a good workout. i'll have to check out the markets some time.

junebig - i remember cooking an omlet for my bf and his dad when they came to town and his mom watched me the whole time. worst off, there is a language barrier, so we couldn't make small talk. let me just tell you when it was time to flip the omlet, i almost had a heart attack. i thought for sure i would mess it up. i bet your dinner was good. i love anything in cheese!

stephie- you're such an inspiration. i just need to get to that point when i become addicted again (it's such a good feeling). it's hard to think that i used run 5 miles a day! i'm working on it. running really does change your body (in a good way) and it's the only thing that remotely battled my thighs. keep it up!
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