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Hi Chickies

I've been applying for jobs, applying for jobs, applying for jobs... applying for jobs... It looks like none of the agencies I'm registered with are likely to find me anything any time soon, so I've got to show some initiative. Unfortunately, most of the responses I'm getting are negative -- I can only commit to 3 months' work because of my visa restrictions, and employers want at least 6-12 months... maybe I'll have some luck with temp jobs.

I went figure skating today, first time in months... the only rink here is 40 kms away, so that's quite a drive (public transit would take ages), and it's not often that I can go. My boyfriend came to watch, and he nearly froze, it was so cold in there. Poor thing. It was fun, good to be on the ice again. Can't wait till September when I can skate regularly again.

Daisy, can't believe you haven't made use of this voucher yet! I'd love to go for a stone massage. And kudos for losing a size.

Marineswife, I fell of the wagon pretty bad in May too. It was weird - I didn't fall of and did at the same time. And no, I don't quite understand it...

Chicago, flea markets are fun! You don't have to buy things - lots of people come just to look.

Stephie, congrats on the running! You're such an inspiration for persisting with it, despite how busy you are. I must get myself running again - for some strange reason I've been afraid to. Weird.

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