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Default Thanks for the welcome...

I guess I just might go ahead and take a seat for awhile. Thanks for the invite. I really need encouragement much of the time. I tend to be an "all or nothing" type of dieter. (scary, I know) I either do real real good or real real bad. No in between, which is where I KNOW I am going to have to be to maintain. ANYWAY...I'm here and I thank you for the invite. I appreciate those that strive each day to "GO FOR IT" and shed this that seems to drag us down. Thanksgiving...I'm charged about it. As I mentioned before, Low Carb pie, cheese, cheese & more cheese, turkey, salad..."I'm getting hungry just thinking about it..." and I really really really want to stay OP Thanksgiving...with all my heart. It's just not worth it, in my opinion, to do anything else but...Anyway...Hi, All!! I'll take a back seat on the ol' bus and just enjoy your comments mostly. (it probably seems hard to believe I may be the "quiet type" but I'll try really
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