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Originally Posted by CandlePrincess
Well for those of you still around we didn't get to leave. We got an emergency placement of a six month old little boy about midnight last night. So we decided not to leave town. Our 18 month old DFS is adjusting...sorta. He's not happy to have another child here...but I think he will adjust. Watching some of the goings on is funny. I'll post a few stories later....but now I am so dog tired i have to get a few hours sleep before DFS#2 wants to eat again. He is still eating every two it me or is that unusual???? Catch ya'll later....

oh and Aggie...I went from 277 down to 271 according to the scales at SCOD....I just didn't change my ticker back up to 277. OK I'm off now...
Congrats! (right?) I think being in the situation you are in--feed that child every time he wants to eat! I don't think you can spoil a child in the few first months of their lives........
I can't wait to hear your stories. YOur DFS will adjust. Just keep reminding yourself that he is not the first child that has gone through a new additon to a family!
God Bless you for taking this new child in!
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