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Originally Posted by Dairy Fairy
I'm back and there is NO way I can catch up. I will post about the wedding later. I just have to say we are settling out my dad's estate and my brother and his girlfriend refused to contribute their 1/4 of the fees to etch my dad's death date on his monument ($115 dollars since my mom already has the monument and it is a double headstone) OR put a footstone with a saying on it since the quote on the front is mainly about my mom ($245). His 1/4 would be less than $100, but he refused. He wants all the money he can scrounge. It makes me really angry, esp. since he and his girlfriend go put white trash dollar tree knick knacks on a $2000+ dollar monument and act like they do it out of remembrance when they won't lay off of $100 of money they only got b/c my dad died to contribute to a REAL lasting tribute of engraving his date of death on the headstone as well as a meaningful foot stone. After this, the wedding crap is minor. Not to mention he has already thrown out almost all my dad's stuff and moved their stuff into my dad's house. THe worst part is that half the rooms are BEER themed (she works at a liquor store and gets free displays...classy, I know). My dad didn't drink alcohol and we are BAPTIST. We have grape juice at communion...what makes them think beer themed rooms (including drinking beer ALL over the kitchen) is what he would have wanted. I can't dictate how to live to them and they certainly can't do EVERYTHING the way he would have wanted, but it is a little weird to have your decor be all beer stuff when you have a small child. Anyway, I'm going to bed.

Im so glad youre back safe and sound...cant wait to hear your details! We missed you!
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