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here's some things I've done to start the scale movin' down again:

1) Drink ONLY water

2) increase water intake

3) increase exercise; however, if you are being a huge fitness freak and working out EVERY day for hours, then DECREASE exercise

4) Don't eat after 4 pm

5) NO atkins bars, shakes, etc. They may SAY they are approved for induction but they stall a lot of people.

6) don't weight yourself for a week, I swear sometimes the stress can cause the weight to stay

The ONE guaranteed thing that I've done (twice) and don't recommend to anyone but it works, is a form of the fat fast but with ONLY eggs. I eat eggs cooked every which way for three days and it has worked each time but you don't want to look at eggs for a longtime after that. They say at LEAST 8 eggs a day so you don't kick yourself into starvation mode and stall even further. Egg salad (with hard boiled eggs and mayo), deviled eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, you get the picture now

I know how it feels to struggle so hard and want something so bad and I PROMISE if you just stick to your guns, to your exercise and willpower that it WILL come off

Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it ~Bill Cosby
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