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Default I've been having the same 435 calorie breakfast for five days. Its WORKING!

This diet is my own invention, and its been working out pretty well. For me at least, because my stomach can handle a LOT in the morning compared to most people. Here's my breakfast:
1 Cup Fiber One cereal- 120 calories
with 1/2 cup carb countdown 2% milk- 45 calories
and 2 1/4 cup egg starts (yes, thats more than an entire container)- 270 calores Then I take a multivitamin and a calcium pill.
In total thats 28 grams (or 128% daily value) fiber and 62 grams (or almost 150% dv) of protein. This is a very very filling meal. Not very yummy or exiting, but filling. Because I get almost all my DV in at that one meal, I'm more free to eat less "nutritious" foods for the rest of the day. I'm still digesting at lunch and for the most part, not that hungry at lunch time. I usually have a lunch of about 200-300 calories. Even if I just have a doughnut for lunch, I'm honestly not hungry after that. Its just the after-noon energy pick-me-up I need. For dinner, I'm STILL not ravenously on the verge of a binge (though I am done digesting by that time). I have a half a cup to a cup of vegitables with a limited (but not tiny) portion of something I really want. For instance, I calculated out the calories of one slice of pizza from our local pizzario (is that the word) to be 450 calories a slice. Its a semi-large slice of pizza with full-fat cheese, olive oil, great herbs, and a little peice of heaven! A few hours after that I'm able to indulge in a light dessert such as a Smart Ones dessert tray (like a chocolate cookie dough sundea for 170 cals) or maybe a diet hot cocoa made with a cup of low-carb 2% milk and some extra unsweetened cocao powder (totaling 130 cals).
The point of this diet is that because I get so much DV of the "filling" stuff for breakfast on the minimal number of calories, I'm able to eat small portions of the "unfilling for its calories" stuff the rest of the day without getting hungry! It really works for me. I'm going to try switching my super-meal to lunch tomorrow.
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