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What a fantastic post! This is the way my eating has evolved, too. I read Superfoods last year and found that we eat most of those foods regularly anyway; since then it has been a slow process of weeding out all processed foods (we make our own broths, tomato sauces; I prefer cooked cereals even to the healthiest organic commercial breakfast cereals). Good protein at regular intervals all day is vital. Now if I eat a little candy I feel rotten. We never really ate at fast food joints (a few times a year, usually while in airports), now even looking at those places makes me feel a little ill (really, it does! I never felt worse than the time I ate an egg mcmuffin, I just felt terrible within minutes). Healthy whole foods are such a gift. it does require a bit of planning, but if you eat this way cravings simply disappear. Once the body gets used to good food it's not so keen on things full of chemicals.

Thanks so much for this long and incredibly useful post. It should be required reading for all who are starting this journey!

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