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Hi everyone, Jen, I'm pleased things are looking up for you,about time!
I had some exciting news yesterday, I wote an article about post natal depression and in a mad moment yesterday i e-mailed it to a mother and baby magazine. Thought i would hear no more but I had a reply a few hours later saying they really liked it and would publish it!!I'm stunned but very excited. They design the magazines very early and apparently my article won't be in print until the March 2002 edition, but still it feels good to have that to look forward to. So do you think I can call myself a professional writer as well as a painter and reflexologist and mother and wife!
Missed gym today and was sorry for it, but forgot to bring no1 son's lunch into school and by the time I had fought my way back through the rush hour it was too late for the creche.Oh well, in the bigger scheme of things I don't suppose it will matter much.
Dreamer- emotional eating is the worst, it'slike PMT you know when you're doing it but cannot stop. Wish I could...but you are doing well. I have more like 60lbs to lose.....
Anyway, good luck to us all, may the calorie fairy smile on us.
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