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Want them Muscles!
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Hey all!

Emzi-I think being a hairdresser is soo cool! You are basically making people feel good about them selves the second they walk out with their new "do"

Buck- yes let us know ho the bbok is...I am interested in what he has to say

Nikki- lol I would go with the regular digital always weighs different than the non digitals...I dunno if its more accurate??? PLUS if you use the non digital you can now say you are in the 150s lol

My week is going well. eating good, haven't done the whole "cut back on coffee thing" I dunno I just like my coffee and I figure its my only REAL treat so what the heck! lol

as for exercise I have bee tierd all week so I have not been pushingmyself, I am going to the gym just not work 100% oh well something is better than nothing!

Later gators!

Be a HERO--donate bone marrow, save a life!!!
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