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I totally back up what kykaree and tofrus said. I love the energy that happens at group classes. I mess up all the time, and just laugh it off. No one seems to get it perfect everytime. Its not that big of a deal. I also know that people leave classes all the time for various reasons. Also not a big deal, unless you're the one leaving early cuz the daycare came and got ya to clean a stinky mess your kid left! I'd like to think nobody pays close attention to how people look during gym time. Sure I notice super buff arms and legs cuz I want to improve my own, but I'm so proud of EVERYone there cuz we're all working to better our lives. I've been pretty big-sometimes biggest in class-and very small but have NEVER had anyone make nasty comments. Hopefully I'm not the only one who has such good experiences in the gym. I hope you give it a try. The first time we do ANYTHING its scary to an extent. Put yourself out there and I think you'll be suprised what a good time you have.

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