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Hello all, I am Jessica and I just started the program about 4 weeks ago.
I have never joined any other weight loss center and have never really tried to lose weight before.

I have always been overweight, but over the years I have started to gain more and more weight. I didn't realize how big I really was. I am a very, very short person, so I should weigh about 105 pounds, but when I started I weighed about 165 pounds, which the heaviest I have ever been. My goal isn't to be 105 pounds, I just want to be 120 and look & feel good in my clothes.

What made me really want to join LAWL was knowing that it really worked. My friend joined last year and lost over 70 pounds. She looks great and feels great.

So far I am enjoying the program and I'm learning how to eat right. The counselors are very supportive and nice. I did have trouble with one of the counselors a couple of times. She was meeting w/ me and would begin to talk about herself and her boyfriend. She even said she gave her resume to one of the clients because she is trying to get a job in the medical field. I reported her yesterday because I didn't feel she wanted to help anyone there but herself. Also, in the beginning they did try to push the supplements, but I told them that I would tell when I was ready for them and they left me alone. I am not going to buy them from the center and spend more money. I did buy the bars to gurantee my weight loss and I really like them. I have a sweet tooth and they really help.

I have already lost 8 pounds.
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