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Oh no...sorry it's been so long, Kids got colds and I got an inner ear infection...and it was half term here too. Generally a nightmare. BUT I have managed to stay going to the gym, nothing to do iwht the fact they have a free creche!!! Have beem hanging on to the exercise bike with the world spinning round me. i haven't lost any weight but I know I am changing shape, my clothes feel different and a friend commented on how trim I was looking yesterday. I feel good, apart from thebalance problem.
My brother clled in today and was trying to get me to try the California diet...sounds like slim fast to me, also a friend is raving about a blood type diet, but they are mere novicec in the world of doets, having tried all kinds i really don't think anything works apart from trying to make gradual changes in the way you eat...dieting does make you fat, and I have heard quitting heroin has a higher sucess rate than staying thin by dieting, so I'll stick at the gym, I'll learn to love my body when it is strong no matter what shape it is...or at least I'll try to. Don't you guys ever look at your bodies and think 'well, you may be fat but you make great babies'? I had that thought the other day and it cheered me up a lumpy old frame can still work miracles, think of all those models too skinny to reproduce....
just a thought anyway. Hope you are all managing to cope with the babes.......
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