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Jen, I'm sorry that you're having such a crappy time of it. That's a rotten thing for your hubby to say to you. Sheesh, sometimes I wonder if they LISTEN to what they are saying. How on earth would saying something like that improve things... Hugs to you...

Barb, I'm getting depressed too. I went through my closet the weekend before last and donated a BUNCH of clothes to the Goodwill, and packed up my maternity clothes, so that I can't wear them anymore. So I have about, um, four outfits that I can wear right now. And I refuse to buy new fat clothes too. Well, hang in there. I hope that the doctor's visit is productive for you...

I got on the scale for my weekly weigh in, and found that I had maintained, and not lost. I am majorly bummed. I did SO WELL last week - went to THREE parties this weekend (a record for me), and was so good - didn't cheat once. Helped my brother and sister in law move on Saturday, ran up and down the stairs about a hundred times carrying heavy boxes. And no loss. What the #$%@*!?! I'm hoping that I'm retaining water and will see a big loss next week. But I'm bummed. Hey, I could have cheated and gotten the same result. Oh well. I'm trying to shake it off.

Had a huge fight with my mom last night after a family birthday party. Won't go into it, but she drives me batty. Well, she drives ALL of her daughters up a wall. Ugh.

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