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Hellloooooo!!!!!! any one home?????

Well I had a bad day yesterday, ended up eating practically all of a big bag of chips. I felt so bad afterwards. UGH! Why did I do it? I was hungry and I was reading a book and thoughtlessly filling my face and before you know it a bag of chips is almost all gone. I might just as well eaten the whole thing. Otherwise the day wasn't too bad, I did get my walk in so it wasn't all bad.

Baby actually slept 4 1/2 hours last night before waking up for some formula. I've tried just giving him a pacifier with no luck, he wants food even though he only takes a couple of ounces. I've read too about giving babies diluted formula instead of full strength and increasing the dilution gradually til it is mostly water and they won't bother to wake up just to take water. Anyone done this?

I hope someone checks in again soon, I'm going batty talking to myself.
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