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Originally Posted by kaplods
I think it's important to remember that the primary point of Dr. Phil's show is entertainment. Many therapists would consider what he is doing unethical, because the needs of the person cannot be taken into account in such a short time. But it's on the air, because the American public eats it up, and people are willing to expose themselves (more intimately than taking their clothes off) for the chance to be on television.

If the people really wanted help, they would have had an easier time finding it in their home communities than on the chance of getting on Dr. Phil.
I totally agree. Someone who reaches such a high weight needs more help than she can get on a TV program. She would definitely be better off getting counseling in her home town.

It's a shame people like her are exploited for the sake of people's curiosity - kind of like the old days when they had circus sideshows - except these days it's done with the dubious claim that they want to help these poor souls.
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