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Originally Posted by RubensMuse
Hey ladies! Been supper busy the last few days but you all were thought of

Vikki~ Great to see you back!!!

Skinny~ It is awesome to have you here with us! Personally I have found that once I started uping my exercise that I WANTED water/fluid more. That is what helps me alot. Or I drink SF flavored waters.

Mel~ I am so happy to see you are your old peppy self. On May 15 those doctors better decide that you need to stay right here with us or I am packing my bags and making a house call to HIM.

Freddy~ I am with dare you not invite us! Actually, I ate come choco-chip cookies this weekend myself. Sometimes that urge just wants to eat you alive. But I gave in then walked an extra mile that night.

Big~ I am so excited for you. I really think you will feel better about everything soon. Things will feel more in control, even if just a little, it is very rewarding.

As for the rest of you wonderful ladies....hope you are doing great!

And that Bundt Cake recipe is the BOMB! I eat mine with my FF whipped cream and no syrup. I have also added Almond extract to give it a more 'sweet' flavor too.

~~~~~ is weigh day and I have put it goes....

229??!!!!!!! I am out of the 30's!!!!!!!
Oh my gawd I never thought I get there!!!! That's 21 pounds so far!!! and that means a new present!!! Hmm, probably new walking no a new pedometer!!!!! WhooHoo

Wow I am still in shock......I do need to get going now and take my morning walk...and then off to Tampa with The Hub!!!!

Ladies, thank you so much for being so inspiring, encouraging and REAL, I get so frustrated with threads that never show anyone eating off plan, or seeming to do anything 'wrong'. We are ALL going to do this cause we have each other

Wow! I am so happy for you Rube!!!!! That is awesome! It gives you that extra little hitch in your giddy-up doesn't it??!!! I hope this week is as rewarding for you!
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