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As someone who LOVES Dr Phil, I gotta say...he doesnt "bash" anyone really. He's had some real (how do I say this nicely?) jerks on the show and he still talks to them in an intelligent way and yes sometimes he's gotta put them in their place (for instance the guy who treated his wife like dirt). but its always always about getting them help, his number one rule however is that they've gotta want help. And he doesnt take excuses at all. Thats what I love about him, he tells it like he sees it. Cant fix things if you cant get real. That comes off harsh to some people but thats what it takes sometimes. Coddling isnt going to get people to see the error of their ways.

As far as any weightloss shows he's done he has always approached it from a total package...mental and physical. His book is based on that. The people always get full medical workovers and counselling.

Anyway just my two cents on Dr. Phil
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