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The eating plan itself most of the women here have really good results on. Some centers can be pushy about the snacks and supplements, but others are supposedly alright from what the ladies say here. I think it depends on the manager, and the individual people at each center. Every place is different.

They will want you to use their supplements, snacks, etc. because they are a business, but it is certainly not necessary-so if you don't want to, then tell them no. There are lots of substitutions from regular stores that ladies use here-such as Pria Complete or Luna bars in place of the LA Lites (similar vitamins, calories, etc. but less expensive) and others buy LA Lites for a cheaper cost on Ebay.

There are some who also do the plan without any bars/LA Lites at all-if they are allergic to an ingredient or have sensitive systems, and they are usually put on a plan with more food on it-just omitting the Lites. (If you do not want to do the bars, you can always look at the box and find an ingredient in them such as soy or what have you, and "say" you have problems with it if you want-even if it is not really a problem. )

Regular vitamins can be purchased cheaper from any store, and the supplements such as fat burners, carb blockers, etc. are really unecessary. All you really need to do is get active, and follow the eating plan itself for success.

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