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Hi everyone.. well what can I say?? I am a SAHM of 6 .. only 5 live home.. my eldest just had her first baby girl this month.. she is a cutie(typical grandma response) LOL the rest of my herd is 6g,9g,12b,13b and a college 19g.. I just hit my 40's.. don't tell or I will deny it! I would love to run around more with the kids but get tired easy.. I am moderately active during the day..minus this computer time....... I am just starting this LAWL for the first time and doing it without the centers..(3 hrs away).. I plan on getting all the material I need to be successful but mostly i need to be clear about why i want to lose the weight and how i can achieve this.. I tend to run out of steam so I have got to keep motivated.. little reachable goals.. rewards, incentives(from hubby or friends) .. I substitute teach occasionally. We live at the shore so beach and fishing and sun is minutes away.. I love to shop and decorate.. never enough time or money.. LOL.. I would love to write a book and become known in those circles.. a dream I plan to accomplish one day. married for 15 yrs.. ups and downs.. we each were married b4 and deal with that combining.. issues alot.. I am currently ...SSSSSHHHHHHH..... 239.5
I would love to be down to 150 true goal.. really 140's ideally but realistic 150's I would accept... probably til I get there,,LOL well enough said.. Hi to all and bye for now..Kim
Have a goal, have a plan; be committed, take a stand
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