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Well my day wasn't the best :-(. I had my appt today and I did fail the 1 hr glucose testing. From what I've heard that is pretty common. I do the 3 hr testing next week. I'm not looking forward to it as I have to stay at the lab for the full 3 hrs, boring!!! I'm hoping that everything comes out ok, if it doesn't I I have to see a dietician and check my blood sugars at home. But, we'll take one step at a time. I have two factors against me both of my parents are diabetic and my 'advanced maternal age'--I'm like back off I'll be 35 when I deliver--big hoot!!! My OB is going to do another u/s this Thursday as I did express my concern to her that this little guy just isn't very active or as active as I'd like. So we're gonna take a peak to make sure everything is fine. Lastly, my MIL is terminally ill with cancer and we've been trying to coordinate a trip to FL to visit with her. Since my hubs schedule is so screwy how knows when we'll be able to go. Anyways, my doctor doesn't not want me travelling past Dec 10th since I had my daughter 6 wks early so I get lumped in the premature labor group. And too boot I gained 6 lbs this month!!! I'll stop complaining now. Sorry.

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