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Harpo, I think that changing your sleeping time is definitely worth a try. I've finally overcome my habit of over-eating during the evenings, but for years I thought, "If I could just go to bed at around 6pm, I'd be FINE!!!"
Let us know how it goes, hon.
And how did the mediation go?

Kristen, I think it is AWESOME that you're trying out for something like that! You're right... you just have to get out there and do it. There will always be rejection in our lives, but if we don't try, we won't get anywhere. And when we are rejected, we can't let that get to us. Whatever happens, you will have worked hard to get in better shape for this tryout, and that's what really counts. Good luck, hon!! We're rooting for you!!

Kitty, you're a sweetheart... ... I'm coming to join you in the exercise...

Jodi? Ugh. I had a better day yesterday (actually MUCH better), but now I can't get my fat butt off this chair.
Good idea getting the bad food out of the house, hon! Let's have a good day today!!

I'm going to start a new no-binge challenge on Monday if anyone is interested. Heck, anyone can start one at any time, for that matter!
I am a runner!

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