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Hey Ladies

harpo- I know what you mean about night bingeing. I usually binge in the late afternoon which is not the same time obviously but it's the only time of the day that I lose control of my food.

Ok I have a dillema, I am going to try out for my high school's football cheerleading squad and I have to be able to do a few things.
1. I need to be able to do jumps where I jump in the air do a split and touch my legs (toetouch)
2. Then I have to be able to juimp up and kick both my legs forward in the air and touch my hands to them.
3. Then I have to do a toe touch where one of my legs is out straigt and hte other bent behind me.

At tryouts they give us 2 days to learn a 2 minute dance, I think I can do that part, and the stunts because I have been lifting weights and I am getting stronger, but I am so worried about the jumps. There are only 12 spots available on the JV squad and there are 19 girls on freshman that will definitley try out and then me. I hope I make the squad, I have a week and 1 month to get into better shape. I am working on the toe touches on the trampoline and I am styaing positive. I have a few friends on the team one of which is around me size and she made it so why can't I -right? I think if I work hard, hold my head up high and respect the coaches as well as the other girls on the team (with out kissing their butts lol) I can make it because my confidence will shine through. Besides they could always use a smart girl on the squad to help them calculate the jumps right? lol
I am nervous and so afraid of rejection but the only way I can break the fear is to just get out there and make the attempt or I will never forgive myself for not attempting to make the team. <--- Need that! lol
"I am allergic to sweets...I break out in fat"

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