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Good morning Ladies

It is another grey mild day here. We haven't seen the sun since Thursday or Friday. How are you doing with that Trudy? I am looking forward to seeing the sun.

I haven't been to a ww meeting since before christmas. I won't have to pay because the leader said I have a good medical reason to miss. I will have to try to get there this month.

My DD is finally going to see her new therapist today. She hasn't had any therpy since she has been out of the hospital. It is about time!

Maria Way to go on the weight loss. Doesn't feel great? Well you say there is sharks in your water....yikes that is kind of scary! So what do you think about the deal...Slavika's tree skirt for a knitted sweater for me?????

Geri You seem to know me quite well. I need to leave her do the cleanning. I was so nervous last week that I cleanned before she came. She comes every this week I will try not to tidy to much.MMMM that fudge sounds good! I hope you enjoyed it. Now back to

Have a good day ladies!

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