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Let's try this again . .
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Thanks Dairy!

Couple more things:

COD=center of doom
TOM=time of month
POP=perfect on plan
DH=dear husband (can also be DF (fiance) and various other family members)

Common alternative/cheaper versions of LAWL products-

LA lites-Lunas, Pria Completes, Kashi Go Lean bars

Takeoff Juice--Knudsen's Morning Blend juice available in many health food sections of the grocery store-6oz or 8oz juice/4Xday (decide for yourself, different people do different things)

Slimdowns--slimfast high protein shakes (closest in carbs/protein)

One more thing: Please don't ask questions or introduce yourself in this thread-we are trying to keep it a "info only" thread so that it will be easy to find information. If you have questions-please post them in the monthly thread or start a new thread. Thanks!

Anything else folks can think of?

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