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Originally Posted by mokster
Today i baught a Fitness Bike i plan to use it 30min twice a day hopefully i keep up with that
Hello Mokster! Welcome.

Have you been doing any sort of exercise in the past few months? If not, you may not be able to exercise for 30-minutes straight. I am saying this because one the worst things I've done to myself is set myself up with an expectation so high that I cannot meet it. Then i beat myself up about it and use it as proof positive that I cannot lose weight because i have no commitment or whatever BS is going through my head at the moment.

So, I congratulate you on buying the bike. Good for you! And, now i suggest you get on it and see how far you can go at one time. If that is only 5 minutes, then so be it. So, for the first week commit to doing what you can realistically do (yes, even 5 minutes is better than nothing) - 5 min in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening is good enough if that is all you can do right now. Stick with that commitment for a week and then try to see if you can make it to 8 minutes or 10 minutes. Increase gradually, listening to your body and not the excuses in your head.

When I started doing my bike at home I could only do 15 minutes. I am not kidding you - today I did a 70-minute session (which felt too easy) and on most Saturdays (those when I'm not spinning my life out of control ROLF) I do a 90 minute session. I've had to build to that. And if can do it being a whole decade older than you and having arthritis in my knees, then so can you.

Best of luck. And, keep us posted. This group is great! And we are just as invested in you succeeding as we are in our own triumphs. So, let us support you by coming back every day and letting us know how you're doing. :-)

Oh yeah, and also, I find it really helpful to post my workout results in the exercise thread. Join us there too!
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"The ultimate cure for obesity is exercise!" -Covert Bailey, Fit or Fat?

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