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S/C/G: 192/167.5/145

Height: 5'5"


DATE: April 14, 2006

USERNAME/REAL NAME: needtolose4me2 / Margaret

AGE: 42

BIRTHDAY: June 30, 1963

MARITAL STATUS: Married happily 14 years!

FAMILY INFO (anything you care to share about your family, children, hubby, etc.): Have a great supportive husband and 3 wonderful girls ages 9, 7, and 6. They have all become low carb pros and reallyhelp me out and are beginning toeat healthier too!

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: E Bay, scrap booking, reading, just added walking and bike riding!

PETS: Cat named Mr. Mickey 2 goldfish, Chip and Dip


WHAT MADE YOU CHOOSE ATKINS: Many people I know did great. wanted to get a good jump start to lose those first pounds. can't stand to weigh and measure and count everything. THis is pretty simple. Down side - I'm a partial vegetarian, only eat chicken, turkey and fish so I'm pretty limited with food. Which is one of the reasons I'm fat to begin with. SInce I don't eat meat I'd skip dinner and have extra dessert!


CURRENT WEIGHT: 183 Starting weight for this diet was 194

GOAL WEIGHT: Just don't want to have to watch the nurse move the big clunky weight thing on the scale up to the 150 mark! (with a few pound to spare so I figure about 147

HEIGHT: 5' 5"

EYE COLOR: brown

HAIR COLOR: Reddish brown (this week)



WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: I hate to deprive myself of anything. And while they say on a good diet you shouldn't have to deprive yourself, I haven't found one to let you have a big piece of chocolate cake !

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I've had it with myself. I am one of those weird ones who carry most of their weight above my waist. (I long for big hips) Instead I have abig bust and carry a lot of weight on my back (literally!) I can't find clothes to fit and another summer is coming along! Also, I have NO energy and my kids are always wanting to do something outside with me. Lastly, I want to be healthy and not referred to as "obese".

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU? I have been somewhat overweight my whole life and have no desire to be "thin" just healthy. I need tohave a tummy tuck (after 3 c sections in 4 years and my babies weighing 10, 11 and 12 lbs! ) so instead of just having my "pouch" removed I figured if I lost 40 lbs or so I might need one anyway. So that will be my present tome when I accomplish this!

WHAT EXPERIENCES CAN YOU SHARE: I haven't tried many diets mainly becasue I don't care for diet food, (cottage cheese, yogurt, etc...) I did Jenny Craig years ago and lost 30 pounds in 3 months. Ikept if off until I met my husband ( A chef at the time AND quit smoking!) Plus being happy and content with my man... well you know how it is.. you tend to slack off.
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