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That is a lot of money. I truly believe that a gift like that wouldn't work in the long run, because part of the reason (I believe) that it would work in the first place is that the person doing it, having spent that much money, would be motivated to make it work. If someone just gave it to you it would be too easy to say "I don't feel like eating this way today..."

I think what you should do, is try fasting for a few days. Water fast only. Take your vitamins, but otherwise drink only water. Maybe set a goal for 3 days. See if you can handle that. And then after trying it, you will know if doing it with "shakes" added in would even be possible for you.

The thing of it is, fasting is free. If this is based on the same concept (of fasting) then it would feel similar. To be honest, I believe that optifast would be more difficult than a water fast. Why? Because fasting has one serious advantage. Once you have gotten through the first day on a fast you really aren't hungry. I think with this other thing, you always would be.

Never the less, that would be one way for you to see if you could handle it before telling your father that you want to go ahead with it.
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