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Woah! That is unbelievable. But I can understand just sitting there and not checking in! It is amazing how our mind gets working and makes us feel!


I have seen my doctor before kind of on this. I can't remember for sure what happened. With the depression he said it was just mood swings and left it at that. But with my fears, phobias, anxiety, and panic attacks issues, I can't remember what happened.

I think I am going to haul my butt back in there (as soon as the next storms pass of course - tomorrow and Friday) and see what happens. I need to be careful even with natural remedies because I am asthmatic and I do take migraine medication when needed. So I can't mix things that shouldn't mix. But I will go straight in and be seen as soon as the weather allows.

Thanks so much for your help here! I do appreciate it.
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