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Default Atkin's article

Hi Mel, Sue and everyone else !

I'm still undecided myself which "diet" I'm gonna follow ? Right now, I'm just counting my carbs and trying to limit them to 20 a day. Guess I'll check out Protein Power also. So Sue - how long has it taken you to lose your 58 lbs. so far ? (if you don't mind me asking)

Mel - you might want to check out this week's First for women magazine (quickly before it's gone). It's the 10/29 issue. It's got a Great article in it about the Atkin's diet and a couple of people are finally speaking out in his defense saying that it works and it has no effect on kidney function or bone density. That study was from Duke University ! However, I do see in the lower right hand corner of page 2 of the article... Dr. Atkin does say that the diet may be too rigorous for pregnant women or people with kidney disease. (Of course you can't be on WWs anymore if you're pregnant either.)

I guess once we check them all out - we'll be able to decide which one we can stick to - for life !

Good luck and have a Great day ! Denise
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