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Oh, I hear ya Sheila treadmill and outside running are a different kettle of fish.... The first time I ran outside I thought WTF is this all about and like you say felt quite demoralized ... Then I ran back inside to the the treadmill ... But after a year on the treadmill I also wanted to do a race so I forced myself to go outside, I must say that the first few times I really really disliked it, then I got some good tunes and I liked it better. NOW, I HATE HATE HATE the dreadmill , I'll run in the rain before I get on that dreadmill, I can barely make a mile on the dang thing now. I also feel suffocated when I am inside running there never seems to be enough air or oxigen to breathe... It took me about 7 or 8 runs outside before I felt comfortable. Just take it easy, run a minute, walk a minute then up it the next time you go out. I don't even bring music with me anymore I just concentrate on my steps and breathing and my mantra and I'm on my way...

Just hang in there, and you'll be more than ready for your 5k race in May...
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