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Good Morning all,

Had a great OP day yesterday. Water, food and exercise. Better attitude too! I got a call from a emplyer that I had to turn down a month ago to call him today. I am very excited as the only reason I turned the job down was the wage. SO that could be a good thing. I wore a pair of size 22 pants yesterday that I haven't worn in many years. I am very excited about this. I am so looking forward to being a size 20, And since I don't own any size 20 clohes they will be new and shiny. I don't remenber the last time I wasa size 20 probably 20 years agoLOL. I hope to be this by the x-mas holidays.

Lee I am so glad dto hear your words of wisdom!!! It is just what I needed to hear. You'r absolultly right. I wasn't winning my mental battle at all. Lee I loved your pictures!! I need to do a before and current one too.

Dana, You are the OP Queen!! WHat size are you wearing now? You have done so well!!!

Pam you cooking fool!!!! My goodness girl you worked your butt off in that kitchen. I love your "eveningtea" ritual. I have read that 2 cups of greentea daily will boost your meatbolsm as well as vinegar. I have been having a mug every evening. But I have some lovely tea cup sets . It would be so nuturing.
Thanks for the crab insight. It is a very good point

Sue My nutrition counsleor how was your day?

Terri, B00 Good morning,
I am taking Lee's words with me and off to the "room" for my w/o.
I am worth the time it takes to be healthy!

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