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I have severe arthritis, fibro and the pain is just unbearable at times. I go to the gym and take a water aerboics class 3 times a week that is taught by the arthritis foundation. It is great and the instructors are taught to help you with your form and keep you from hurting yourself but helping you do as much as you can. After I am warmed up from this hour of exercise, I hit the track and put in 45 mins of a brisk walk. On days I don't have my class, I walk briskly for an hour. This does not hurt my body and seems to help keep me more flexible. When the pain is real severe, i take oxycotin before I start the exercise.
At hoime, I do belly dancing and pilates with DVDs. I have had these disorders for many years and, at the age of 54, I find I need to move or my joints freeze up even worse than if I don't keep moving.
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