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Talking Happy Kim's Day!

Hi Ya chickkees!

How is everyone's day today? I had the most boring morning at work today. I didn't have one single client so I hung out reading until the deliveries were done. Then I came hoem early. Woohoo

I was so rushed today I ended up having McDonald's for breakfast! I haven't done that in forever. Now I have to be good for the rest of the day. DF has the day off so we're going to catch a matinee so we can be home in time for Survivor!

Kim-Super Happy B-day to you! I hope it turns out better than you expect.

Lolly-good to see you. I love blackberry jam! I've never had it homemade though. I don't think I have ever seen a blackberry growing wild in Saskatchewan. Growing up it used to be a big thing to help my Grandma with jam making. My absolute favorite is Chokecherry Jelly, followed by my Grandma's Raspberry Jam-none other tastes as good!

Jen-Emma is such a sweetie! She is soooo adorable! Are you going to dress her up as something cute for Halloween? That would be so fun!

Trish-breast-feeding class would be so interesting. I hope you learn lots.

Kt, Sorry to hear about your car. I hope everything works out. The weather here is crap today too. It has been so windy lately-just reminding us what winter is going to be like.

Kier-that's super scary about your school. Everyone is so freaked out about it now. I hope that its mostly over-reaction.

Hi Belle & Stacey! Hi to everyone else! Have a super day!


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