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Good Morning All,

I have been suffering from TOM, a recurrent sinus infection and the blahs. Been so so OP.
This may sound like a stupid question but w/ winter looming it seems that DH and I are craving carbs and we are wondering if it's the body getting ready for winter. Anyone else experiencing this or is it referenced in the atkins book?
Or if it is just my bodies reaction to the infection. I seem to be craving carbs wicked. I know that diabetics blood sugars get high when they are ill. which if this is teh case would cause my carb craving to go up. Hey Sue what do you think?

I have w/o'd daily
I am under my water requirment
Carbs were awful yesterday.

But today is a new day .

I want to take a minute a tell you all how much I cherish this board and all of you . I get so much support here. I never feel that I would be judged when I post that things could be better.

ANy way,

Sue I am glad to hear that one part of your new journey is winding down. You sound so excited!! It is wonderful. Glad to see your post I missed you but knew things were hectic

Dana!! My co-workers and I are planning on using our local pool. They also offer water arobics. I am menatlly focused today. Friday weigh in's help me ( well menatlly anyway)

Terri- Hi girl, I am so glad to see you

B00- How are you doing? I hope all is going well and you'll be able to check in soon. I will find that recipe.

Pam How are you doing? I loved your pictures!!! You are one attractive lady!!


Hello everyone else

I am off to have an OP day!!! No matter what
I am worth the time it takes to be healthy!

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