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Happy September
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Deb~ I read your post last night when I got back from my DD apt upstairs and when I went to bed gave myself a sound talking too!! I think it worked cause I am feeling much better!!Thanks :hugs: Sometimes the "diet stuff" and the "wheelchair stuff" meet head on!

Ruben~ God it was awful!!! Thanks for the support also. It reinforces me for the bad times!!! Hope you are feeling happier also. Did you get to order 'anything' you picked out? Wasn't sure if you meant that.... also did they help you and make suggestions? Inquiring minds like to know!!

It was a "holiday" and I used it as an excuse to feed the recovering carboholic that I am!! Between the downside of the disability and it's progression and overweight, it doesn't take much to give me an excuse to feel sorry for myself. The sad thing is that I'M NOT EVEN IRISH!!!
Yesterday was good and today is going great. Weight is up 1 1/2 lbs. but this too shall pass. The weather will be nice soon and I'll be able to go for rides again. That's part of the problem too. Cabin Fever.
Thanks again Gals. Happy Thursday!!
It's that most colorful time of the year!
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