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Hello all. I'm reading all your responses to this thread and first off - I haven't read the book, but it's now definately on my to buy list.
And i'd really love to join this discussion.

now - as far as these questions go...first off a little about me - i am currently 16 pounds over my lowest weight of 160 - and my total weight loss was 60 (now 44) from my highest weight of 220. i honestly DO KNOW that i AM a success because of the fact that I not only lost 60 pounds and maintained that for 6 months - but, even though i DID gain back 20 (and have since lost 4) - the fact is, i did NOT gain back ALL 60. now - those questions.

Do you/did you believe that you could reach goal when you started your weight loss?
When I started for the first time - back in January of 2002 - yes I did believe that I could do it. I started weight watchers for the very first time in January and by August I got down to 180. My goal was then and always has been 160. The thing is, when I was in high school, I went down from 220 to 150 and so of course i believed I could do it - HOWEVER...come August of 2002 - I got cocky and backslid and a year later - in September of 2003, i was back up to 205. I decided then and there THIS IS IT. NO MORE. and I got back on WW and dropped 45 more pounds to my goal of 160.

Do you believe that you can keep the weight off for life?
Absolutely! However...I know that I'm not like my thin friends. I WILL always and forever have to "diet" and "exercise" to keep my weight at the point that it needs to be. I CAN'T eat whatever I want whenever I want it. That's not to say, however, that I don't allow myself to indulge...BUT I also know that I can't indulge ALL the time - as proven by me gaining back 20 pounds. But at the same time, I know that I've done this twice now and the fact is I CAN lose this weight AND keep it off. The hard truth to face, however, is that I HAVE to constantly keep with this healthy lifestyle. I CAN'T become lazy.

How important do you think it is to believe that permanent weight loss is possible in order to achieve your goals?
For me, being thin and being HEALTHY is really who I want to identify myself with and who i want others to see me as. I know many people may say, "oh you need to not care about what other's think" - but the truth of the matter is. I do. Almost EVERYONE does. don't lie. truth be told...i LOVE showing people my before and after pics because it shows that I DO have the committment to do something that not a lot of people CAN do. Plus, too - I'm just not happy when I'm not at my lowest / goal weight. When I AM there - I AM happy.

What does maintenance mean to you?
Maintenance means continually striving to be as healthy as I possibly can. It also means allowing myself a slice of pizza and a beer every now and then - but also making sure I DO go to the gym 3 times a week and also making sure that I DON'T become lazy and get back into my old habits. When I DO have a weekend with my friends of too much alcohol & food - saying, "I had fun - it was yummy - but now it's time to get back on track". It also means NOT allowing myself to go to the vending machine every day or buying the worst foods in the cafeteria but reminding myself that while those foods may be "tasty" they really AREN'T healthy - and being HEALTHY is what maintaining the success I've come to achieve means.

Do you/did you ‘break the rules’ of weight loss?
I don't know - I really don't believe in "rules" of weight loss...because everyone is different and loses in different ways and needs to "create" their own healthy lifestyle rules.

Are you presently in one of the four stages of weight loss? How many have you experienced?
I think I've definately had the "Honeymoon phase" - when I lost the first 60 pounds...(actually 40 from Sep 2003 to May 2004, but there was 20 from my highest in 2002)...
But I think I'm pretty much always in the tentative acceptance stage because my life pretty much is LIFE. I slip up - but I ALWAYS get back on track. yes, I've gained back 20 pounds - but I'm currently down 4 - AND in between the past year and a half I've gained and lost the same 10 pounds anyways...but that's just it - i ALWAYS go back down when I "slip up"

Have you ever tried to lose weight by non-dieting? Was it successful?
yes - when i was in high school, i wasn't dieting or anything - but I was in marching band and I ran during gym class and took my bike everywhere (had no license yet) and i ended up dropping 70, of course, back then i had NO clue that I could gain it back - and i got into college and decided i LOVED partying...and all those empty alcohol calories and LOADS of food...yeah. it ALL came back.

Do you believe that you control your weight or do you believe that forces beyond your control predetermine your weight?
It's all about me. I am the one who puts food into my mouth and I am also the ONLY one who can make myself go to the gym.

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