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Good morning chicks!

Leaving for a law school visit this afternoon, so even though I'm working today, I have that distracted "Yay, I'm about to go on vacation!" feeling. I can't get anything done! I have a feeling this trip isn't going to be so good for staying on program because these school visits always come with a ton of tempting food but who knows, maybe I'll be good. And my hotel does have a gym so I can probably squeeze in a little exercise while I'm there. And I am excited about the cold weather! It's going to be in the 40s, and that will be a nice little change. (Although I will be relieved to come back to the FL weather I'm sure.) Have a great day everyone!

Geekchick ~ I was very sleepy throughout a lot of P1. I hope you got some good coffee to get you going!
Ruth ~ I hope you enjoyed your greenhouse work. It sounds very relaxing
Freaky ~ I hope your computer problems are resolved without too much stress!
Jana ~ I hope everything at work goes smoothly!
Mamahulk ~ Good job on getting the exercise done! Usually the last thing I want to do in the morning is exercise so I admire anyone who does.
Cottage ~ I hope you and Audrey find something fun to do! Spring break is the best...
3darlingsmomma ~ I'm sure you'll get back on track in no time.
KellyJ ~ I hope you feel better soon!
pearshape ~ The rattie boys are so cute! Even in those pictures, I can see their little personalities shining through.
dare2love ~ I'm sure you'll get right back on track. Birthdays are always dangerous times...
usmchoney ~ I hope the session is successful!
tar675 ~ Congrats on the NSV with the people at church! Isn't it the best feeling?
Barb ~ Beef soup...mmm...sounds like great cold weather food.
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