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It is encouraging that our capacity for both quantity and quality has changed. I just can't tolerate alot of fried foods as I used to. I love them, but actually get a tummy ache. Which is so wonderful.
And I don't test it out very often.

usual 6
1/2 everything matzoh w/bb marg 1.5

boca burger sand 2
oriental veg mix
dried pineapple 1
apple 1
1/2 choc castelet cookie/1/2 newton 1.5

d: turkish restaurant! (see above about quantity???)
bread 6
appetizers (1/2s of stuffed grape leaf/zucchini patty/stuffed eggplant/humus) 8
grilled chicken pattie kebab 4
1/2 pita 2
rice pilaf 3
coffee w/ milk 2
bites of desserts (baklava/syrupy nutty thing) 5

total: my stomach told me it was too many...

exercise: only a stroll

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