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I'm afraid that I can't answer your question... I'm a little & I am after cramming a month's work in 3 days.

I'm packed... going to make this short... got to leave at 3 AM... need to get a nap.

Are you speaking of LA Lites... drinks, like koolade or LA jello.

If LA drinks... one pkg makes 8-oz drink... 2 LA lites per day

My understanding is LA lites are 2 servings per day

Select any 2, from:
drinks, bars, shakes, soup (which my center doesn't have), & if they have jello (apparently my center doesn't have it either)

Sugar Free Gelatin is listed as a FREE FOOD... a 1/2 cup serving...

There is a limit of 2 servings per day from the following list (each listed portion represents one serving)

1 T Ketchup
1 t Mustard
1 T Low Sodium Soy Sauce
1 T Horseradish
1 T Vinegar
1/2 Cup Sugar-free Gelatin
1 T Fat Free Salad Dressing

This may not be the answer that you were looking for... sorry if not, or if I confused you.

I'm going to call it a night.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend... & a great week!

I've packed lots of water!... didn't do as well with my fruit... but, maybe i can buy some along the way... going to an apple festival... we'll see.

Take care,
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