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Hi everyone:
Tj Welcome glad you are doing well and have support at home.
Nancy glad about the weight loss, sorry about the tough time with your daughter.
Marcie B. It would drive me nuts without a scale.
Marcie W. glad the scale is going down in the right direction for you.
I've been doing well this week I went down 1 1/2 pds.
Even though I lost, I really do not feel into it this week, I should not say this but I want something else to eat. I keep saying to myself your are almost done. I just have to get over it.
I feel like the only time I am losing is if I do 2 day take off or the 2- express.
I weigh in on Saturday.
Merri how are you doing?
4/10/01 201
10/10/01 155.75
goal 135
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