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Welcome TJ! It sounds like you are doing well so far...good luck!

Merri--I didnt lose any weight when I was on that 3 day jet start plan, but I lost 5lbs the week after...and 4 the week after that.

Nancy- Sorry to hear that your daughter is having such a hard time. She will be in my thoughts and prayers. Dont forget that you need to take some time for yourself! GET SOME SLEEP! That is an order.

All is well here...very busy though. I have been working about 15 hours a day. Eating and sleeping the rest of the time. I have not had any "no nos" but I am missing quite a few foods daily. I guess missing is better than cheating??? I have been getting in all of my LA Lites though...mostly bars because they are quick and easy.

There is not a center here in Augusta and no scale in the hotel gym so I have no idea how I am doing weight wise. I will just have to find out next Thursday when I get back to St. Louis.

Take care all!
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