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Wecome TJ, I wish you luck!

Marcie, I'm ragged indeed... didn't even get 2 hrs sleep. One hundred things to do today... maybe got a tenth of them done. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

My youngest daughter,Karen called this AM before I had left home & asked me to pick up some work pants for her hubby... we had picked up a new style a few weeks ago... he liked the fit & she liked not having to spend so much time ironing. No problem, that store was on my list. I called her from my cell ph while in route to the center. She is a bank teller... she didn't sound normal... she had talked normal earlier. It didn't take mom but a short time to know that she was not herself. I was telling her something about my best friend & her husband, Greg. My daughter asked me who i wuz speaking of ( now Kim & Greg have been close friends for many yrs... the kind that you talk of & see several times a week & my daughter has know them for yrs.) She told me that K's husband name was not Greg after telling me that she had no idea of who Greg was... She was not talking rational... she went on & on & told me that I was mistaken... then she says, "Mama, I don't feel good... my head hurts." I tried not to be overly alarmed, but, was coming real close to turning around. I asked if I could speak to her co-worker, Anita/ one of her dearest friends... she told me no that I could not... she is at work... at this point, I thought that A may have been busy... had a customer at the drive thru... I told my daughter that I would check back in a bit & see if she felt better. I hung up... dialed my other daughter's work place.. they are only about 3 miles apart... thank goodness... told her that her younger sister was ill... told her that she was talking off the wall & speaking in a manner that she doesn't & that she seemed to be very disoriented. I was very alarmed! I asked my older daughter, Kandy to call A & make sure that she had ph # & ext # & instruct A to call, have her paged if necessary. Anita told her that Karen was fine when she got to work.. but hearing the one side of the ph conversation... she too recognized things were not in place... She got Karen's lunch & had her eat something, but told Kandy that it probably best to come get Karen ... I had other meetings... not just the LAWL.... while Kandy had to go thru channels to take off, her sister continued to be disoriented then she got emotional & then angry when she realized that Anita had her car keys...then she got emotional again... I was trying like crazy to reach Kandy on her cell... couldn't get through. anyhow... I tried the bank... Anita told me that she was some better before she left... she is not dieting... one similar event 8 yrs earlier... discovered that she was hypoglocemic (sp?)... she just had her sugar checked a month ago... not a diabetic... she is trying to get pregnant... she was in cotton field yesterday after work... watching hubby pick... I wondered if some of the chemicals they use to make leaves fall off... could have come in contact with or dog did & she petted dog... then, i think it sounded more like low blood sugar... trying not to be too alarmed... wondered if migraine?
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