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Hi everyone... My name is TJ and I joined LAWL on 9/22/01. My beginning weight was 221, I am now down to 215. I get weighed again on Thursday.

My wedding anniversary is tonight and my husband cooked for me, weighed and measured my food and all.

Chicken breast, green beans and broccoli, 1 slice of lt. wheat bread and 8oz. of Crystal light lemonade. He is so good to me.

I am on the purple plan. I would have never guessed in a million years I would ever have to lose 91lbs.

After 15 yrs. of Endometriosis, 10 laparoscopy's, 2 kids, a tubal ligation, full hysterectomy and premarin for life, this is what I have to show. I am trying to get back to my regular weight, which is 130 lbs. WIsh me luck.

Thanks for listening...

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